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disability hearing courtroom in Los Angeles


disability hearing courtroom in Los Angeles

Disability compensation is essential if your disability keeps you from working and making ends meet. Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability system is one of the most overworked systems in the country, so getting the compensation you need may be difficult. In fact, most people are denied their initial claim and forced to appeal at a hearing. You may ask, “What are my chances of winning a disability hearing with a lawyer in Los Angeles?” The short answer is, better than you might think.

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Let’s Break Down the Statistics

person filling out a Social Security Disability claim formBy the time you get to a hearing, you’ve already gone through two stages of the process: the initial application and the appeal for reconsideration. Statistically speaking, according to the Social Security Resource Center, you only have a 30% chance of being approved after your initial application is submitted. When you submit an appeal, that number decreases even further to 15% approved for reconsideration.

When you get to the third stage, you finally appear before a judge. Unlike the agencies that determine the validity of your disability claim in the first two stages, these judges may operate a little more freely. Your odds of winning at a disability hearing before a judge are about 50%. If you have a lawyer with you, however, your odds increase to 62%, making your claim statistically more likely to be approved than be rejected.

Disability Determination Services Could Be Blocking Your Claim

The difference between the first two stages of the process and appearing before a judge is significant. It all comes down to how the process is handled in Los Angeles. The first two stages are controlled by Disability Determination Services in California rather than the Social Security Administration. The way the DDS functions leaves much to be desired for disability applicants.

Any request that’s approved by the DDS is placed under extreme scrutiny. The quality control unit has to analyze every approved request. If the approval is deemed to be faulty, it will be sent back as a return, which is considered a black mark on the supervisor’s records. Quality control can deem a disapproved case approved, but the reverse is far more common. Because of this, supervisors often reverse approvals before cases even reach quality control. Cases that are denied initially are not put under the same scrutiny. Judges at hearings, on the other hand, aren’t subject to this at all and can act objectively.

Dr. Bill Can Help Increase Your Chances of Winning a Disability Hearing

woman celebrating her disability claim approvalAppearing before a judge can be an intimidating and difficult endeavor for the average person. With financial stability on the line, it’s typically best to not go into a hearing without the necessary preparations. That’s where a lawyer can help. An experienced disability attorney knows exactly what evidence you’ll need to make your case.

Disability cases are based almost entirely on medical evidence. A lawyer by your side will be able to get the necessary evidence, such as medical records, as well as collect witnesses who can support your claims as extra ammunition for your case. Additionally, lawyers know what kind of questions judges will ask and can prep you accordingly.

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What are your chances of winning a disability hearing with a lawyer? Pretty good when you get help from The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour. Our disability claim lawyers have the experience and dedication needed to strengthen and make your case before a judge. Contact us online to get your free case review today.