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Attorney Bill LaTour

Dr. Bill LaTour J.D., Ph.D. - imageThe process of winning a Social Security and SSI disability claim can be frustrating and confusing for the sturdiest of souls. Claimants oftentimes must deal with endless red tape and agonizing delays.

Attorney Bill LaTour has the know-how to guide claimants through this legal maze and at the same time provides a unique added value: As a former clinical psychologist, he is professionally qualified to assess and analyze the frequent emotional aspects that accompany Social Security/SSI claims, including document review and assisting clients in dealing with the feelings of frustration that oftentimes accompany the Social Security/SSI claim process.

After receiving his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1989, LaTour practiced as a clinical psychologist for 11 years, serving individual clients as well as providing group therapy and performing psychological testing. Long interested in the intersection of psychology and law, LaTour decided that he wanted to become a lawyer as well and assist people seeking to improve their lives by obtaining benefits.

He received his J.D. from William Howard Taft University, launched his Social Security/SSI law practice in 1994 and has seen it continue to expand, serving the needs of clients throughout Southern California.

With offices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, the legal and support staff of the LaTour law firm focus solely on Social Security/SSI cases. “We handle cases from the initial application level on through federal court appeals,” LaTour says.

As a psychologist and attorney, Bill LaTour is uniquely qualified to represent clients seeking disability and to review the cases handled by the firm. Not only does he know how to guide people through the disability system; his psychological background provides a basis for analyzing medical records and interpreting psychological test data.

While LaTour enjoys the process of applying psychological expertise to the practice of law, he says his strongest source of professional fulfillment is simply helping people at a time when they need it. “I’ve always had an interest in serving people,” he says. “It’s very satisfying to me to help people put food on their table and pay their bills.”

LaTour is a frequent speaker on the subject of Social Security/SSI disability and has written a book, “Nine Tips to Navigating the Social Security Disability and SSI Process,” published in 2012.

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