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a woman with a disability in Los Angeles


a woman with a disability in Los Angeles

After undergoing the complex process of filing a claim for benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance, you were disappointed to receive a denial letter on your claim. Now what?

If you were denied your social security disability claim, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to benefits. What it does mean is that you need an experienced Los Angeles disability attorney, like Dr. Bill LaTour, for your Social Security Disability appeal.

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Why Social Security Claims Get Denied

Only around one-third of initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits are approved, which means being denied is common, so don’t lose hope! The Social Security Administration is focused on preventing individuals from fraudulently obtaining benefits, so the claims process is heavy with large amounts required of paperwork, medical evidence, and signatures. One of the most common reasons for initial application denial is missing paperwork.

Other common reasons for denial include:

  • a man looking for a lawyer for his social security disability appeal onlineNot having enough working credits to qualify. There is a minimum amount of time you must have worked and paid into the Social Security Administration system in order to be eligible for benefits. This time requirement varies according to age.
  • You make too much money to meet the income restrictions for the program. It is important to note that investments, trusts, and benefits from other programs such as workers’ compensation can impact your eligibility for SSDI benefits.
  • You do not have a qualifying medical condition or an impairment that has lasted, or is expected to last more than 12 consecutive months.
  • It is determined that you are able to work in a different type of job with the impairments you have.
  • You have made a technical error in the submission of your documents, such as a photocopy of a document when the original was required, or you wrote something on an original document.

Getting approved for benefits on your first try without the help of an attorney is incredibly difficult. Getting an appeal approved after being denied without the help of an attorney can be near impossible. That’s why it’s so important that you call an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer like Dr. Bill LaTour for assistance in appealing your denied claim.

The Process of Appealing an SSDI Denial

a judge ruling on a social security disability appeal in Los AngelesThere are four levels of appeal for social security after you receive a denial on a claim for SSDI benefits, including:

  • Reconsideration
  • A hearing by an administrative law judge
  • A review by the Appeals Council
  • A Federal Court review

Dr. Bill is experienced in all levels of appeal and can help you form the best case for a successful claim.

Why You Need Dr. Bill to Help You With Your Disability Appeal

A Social Security Disability appeal — much like the process of applying for the benefits in the first place — can involve an overwhelming amount of paperwork and evidence. Dr. Bill knows the type of information that the Social Security Administration is looking for and is familiar with the process of providing the information necessary to convince reviewers to approve your appeal. Let Dr. Bill put his experience to work for you in order to help you obtain the benefits you spent your working years earning the right to receive. Contact us today to learn more about your options in a free case review.