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a disabled man checking on the status of his disability benefits


a disabled man checking on the status of his disability benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits provide financial assistance to you or certain members of your family if you’re disabled. If you’re eligible for SSDI, the amount you receive each month is based on an average of your lifetime earnings before you became disabled. SSDI benefits also vary according to other income sources and factors. Read on to discover how much SSDI pays per month on average in Los Angeles and what factors may affect your benefits.

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How Much Does SSDI Pay Per Month?

a blind man navigating a crosswalk in Los Angeles with the help of a service animalSSDI benefits are determined by complex formulas based on your lifetime work earnings, so the amount of money each person receives is unique. Because SSDI is a federal program, your benefit amount will stay the same, no matter what state or city you’re in.

How Are Benefits Calculated?

The benefits you receive each month are based on your average lifetime earnings before your disability began. Your lifetime earnings only consider “covered earnings,” which are earnings from jobs that have paid into Social Security. These are jobs with a paycheck that had funds withheld for FICA or Social Security taxes.

Up to 35 years of earnings are used to determine the monthly average earnings you may be able to receive. The years with the highest earnings are then added together and divided by the total number of months in those years, then rounded down to the next dollar amount. Benefits are also adjusted for cost-of-living increases.

SSDI payments are not based on the type or severity of your disability. Your monthly benefits can be reduced if you’re receiving other public disability benefits, such as workers’ compensation. You can get an estimate of your benefits using the Benefits Calculator from the SSA website. An experienced SSDI attorney, like Dr. Bill, can also help you determine what you may be eligible to receive in benefits.

SSDI Back Pay

a disabled woman walking down the sidewalk in Los AngelesApplying for SSDI can be a long process. By the time many recipients get an approval letter, they are eligible for back payments of their benefits. The back payments are determined by the date you applied for SSDI, the date the SSA verified that you became disabled, and your monthly benefit amount. You may also be eligible for 12 months of retroactive payments for the year prior to your application date if you were disabled during that time. However, you can’t receive benefits before the date you became disabled.

SSDI also has a five-month waiting period to receive benefits, starting from the date you became disabled. To get the full back pay for 12 months prior to your application date, you must have become disabled at least 17 months before applying.

Get Help From an Experienced Disability Attorney

Applying for SSDI and estimating your monthly payment can be a stressful, complex, and uncertain experience. An experienced social security attorney, like Dr. Bill LaTour, can help you file your application, advocate for an increase of benefits if you’re eligible, and estimate a monthly benefit amount. As a lawyer and clinical psychologist, Dr. Bill and his team at The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour have an advantage with social security disability cases. Call 800-803-5090 or fill out an online form to get your free case review!