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Doctor Meeting With Patient Stock Photo

One of the questions most often asked by those receiving disability benefits is whether or not they’ll be eligible to receive Medicare or Medicaid insurance coverage as well. Fortunately, if you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Los Angeles, you will be eligible for some sort of government healthcare plan. The type of insurance coverage that you will receive depends entirely on whether you are enrolled in SSDI or SSI.

Keep reading to find out if you’ll have access to Medicare or Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid healthcare program) while on disability, and learn how The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour can help in case of a denial.

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An elderly couple reviews forms about Medicare and SSDI.Medicare and SSDI

If you’ve been approved to receive SSDI disability payments, you will also be eligible to receive Medicare insurance coverage after two years. This mandatory 24-month waiting period starts from the moment you were eligible for SSDI payments, regardless of whether or not you were actually receiving those payments, and the start date of the waiting period must be at least five months after you were determined to have a disability.

When you receive Medicare coverage because of SSDI, your hospital visits will be free under Medicare Part A. However, be aware that you will be required to pay for Medicare Part B and D  which provide coverage for doctor’s visits and prescriptions. Should you have trouble paying your monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and/or copays because of a lack of income, there are programs such as Extra Help and MSPs (Medicare Savings Programs) that may assist you.

Medi-Cal and SSI

Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program in California that is supported by both state and federal taxes, will cover medically necessary health care as long as the healthcare provider is in their network. Examples of the types of expenses covered by Medi-Cal include hospital stays, hearing aids, nursing-home care, and even dental work.

Because the income limits for SSI in California are much lower than the limits for the other Medi-Cal programs, any person who is approved for SSI benefits will automatically be given Medi-Cal insurance coverage without filing a separate application.

An elderly couple consults a lawyer about their case.

When to Consult a Lawyer

Unfortunately, many people who need extra help are denied disability benefits and are unable to access the healthcare coverage provided by Medicare and Medicaid. If this has happened to you and you’re counting on receiving SSDI or SSI coverage to pay for your medical expenses, you do not have to accept this decision. You need advice from our compassionate California disability experts at The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour.

We’ve been working with disabled individuals in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Inland Empire, and Orange County for years, getting them the disability benefits they need. Whether you’ve been denied or you are just getting started, we can help. Call Dr. Bill LaTour and his team today at (800)-803-5090 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.