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Social Security Disability is an important form of federal insurance into which most people pay, in case of accident or injury that leaves you unable to work. It provides the means by which you can make ends meet while you try to work on recovery. Unfortunately, the guidelines for obtaining SSDI can be arcane and confusing, and it’s not uncommon for people to get denied for benefits the first time out.

For a lot of people, this unfortunately spells the end of their road. They give up and get in way over their head. Denial doesn’t have to be the end, however. With the right help you can challenge your refusal of benefits, and get the resources you need to regain control of your life. That’s where an SSDI lawyer comes into the picture.

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What Is an SSDI Lawyer?

An SSDI lawyer is, put bluntly, your best bet in getting the full benefits to which you’re entitled under the law. They are legal professionals who have walked these roads many times, and seen every kind of disability and denial under the sun. They can help you avoid critical mistakes that will cost you your benefits.

When you are denied, an SSDI attorney can help you to gather evidence and put together a case to challenge the denial. They are well-versed in the things you need to prove and the methods you should take to push your claim through.

Why You Need an SSDI Attorney

The SSA’s own numbers show that you’re more likely to have your claim denied than to be accepted. Only about 44% of claims are approved on average, and even among those that do get benefits, only about 1% see their benefits within a year. The Social Security Administration is highly focused on avoiding fraudulent claims. This unfortunately leads them to be overzealous in reviewing claims that do come in.

In short: they’re more concerned with keeping their money than they are with paying it out to those who need it. This means that you bear a burden of proof to demonstrate to the courts that you are, in fact, disabled. The SSA operates from the assumption that you’re able to work, and you have to clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Can You Work?

In the eyes of the Social Security Administration, you don’t have to be able to work the job you used to do. You just have to be able to work any kind of other work. To count as disabled, you must be unable to work any sort of job.

Avoiding Mistakes

Filing for social security is not an easy prospect. It’s specifically designed to be confusing, to trick you into revealing that you aren’t actually disabled. It doesn’t matter how intelligent or educated you may be, without the right experience in dealing with social security law, you’ll find yourself facing many pitfalls and a simple mistake can result in a benefit denial.

The right SSDI lawyer has years of experience navigating these difficult waters, and guiding clients through the process of filing an application. They are an ally who genuinely cares about your benefits and getting what you are entitled to receive under the law. They also know how to expedite the process and avoid the tactics commonly used to delay your benefits.

Talking to an SSDI Lawyer

The best part about working with an SSDI lawyer is that you have nothing to lose. A good SSDI attorney isn’t going to charge you a fee for the consultation, and won’t charge you a fee unless they get you the benefits you need. When they do, their fee will usually be a small percentage of your total award, leaving you with plenty to keep control of your life, make ends meet, and not have to worry.

The sooner you talk to an attorney, the better off you’ll be. Don’t wait for a denial before you call an attorney. Working with a social security attorney right off the bat will vastly increase your chances of getting your benefits. In addition, you may owe a lower fee for help getting benefits the first time, as opposed to paying a portion of your back pay for challenging a denial.

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