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Spinal injuries affect millions of people across the United States every year. They can result in serious nerve damage, which can affect just about every system and function in the body, from reduced motion to muscle weakness, to respiratory problems, chronic pain, and even mental health disorders.

Among the more painful and common spinal disorders is degenerative disc disease. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get benefits for back impairment because it’s so commonly claimed. Read about applying for disability benefits related to degenerative disc disease, and how a social security attorney can be an ally in your benefits case.

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How to Get Disability Benefits

Getting disability benefits for your degenerative disc disease (DDD) starts with your doctor. Their opinion will weigh heavily in the decision rendered by the SSA when it comes to your application. Be organized, thorough and detailed, and make sure you follow through with every step of the process.

Regular Doctor’s Visits

You need to see your doctor on a regular basis. The more medical records you have documenting your condition, the more likely your case is to be approved. It’s absolutely essential to have detailed reports, and you should try to see your doctor every couple of months, if not more often.

Don’t Change Doctors

When you start DDD treatments, pick a doctor and stick with them. This will enable not only stability in your records, which is vital to your claim, but it allows you to build a relationship with your physician. This makes them more sensitive to what you’re going through and more likely to put it on the line when you need them to.

Talk About Your Symptoms

At every doctor’s visit, discuss your DDD symptoms, progress, and ongoing difficulties. Keeping your doctor aware of your problems will help them properly fill out a report. Tell the doctor if you’ve got mobility problems with bending over, sitting, crouching or the like. If you have problems doing basic daily tasks like using the vacuum or even sitting in one position, let the doctor know. They might not ask you about these things, but they’re important to your claim.

Keep Friends and Family in the Loop

When you file a claim for disability due to degenerative disc disease, the examiner may very well talk to your loved ones about your condition to try to get a feel for the extent of your injuries. They might ask about your daily activities, whether you’ve really got the problems you claim. The more your family is aware of what’s going on, the better able they’ll be to testify on your behalf.

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