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man with a disability hiring a lawyer for his claim


man with a disability hiring a lawyer for his claim

Social Security Disability is an essential resource for people who have disabilities that prevent them from working. Unfortunately, the application process for SSD can be complicated and leave you waiting for quite some time as your application is reviewed.

Getting denied only stretches out that process further, making it more difficult to make ends meet. With this in mind, many people wonder: “Is it better to get a lawyer for disability?” Find out exactly how a lawyer can benefit your disability case.

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A Disability Attorney Gives You a Better Chance of Approval

pproved social security disability claimThe primary benefit of getting a lawyer for your disability case is that you’ll have a better chance of getting your claim approved. A disability lawyer will be familiar with the entire process, so there’s no learning curve to get through. Lawyers will already know the strict criteria that the Social Security Administration has for disability benefits, so they can help build your claim in a way that puts you in the best position for success.

You Won’t Have to Wait in Line

It’s no secret that the Social Security Disability system in this country can take a while. Millions of people apply for benefits every year, and there’s hardly enough funding to get through all those claims in an efficient manner. If you handle your claim on your own, you will likely have to wait in line at the Social Security office or spend hours on hold over the phone. This can be particularly difficult when you’re also dealing with a disabling condition. With a lawyer by your side, all of this will be taken care of for you so you don’t even have to leave your home.

You Won’t Have to Face Hearings Alone

disability lawyer preparing for a hearing with his clientIn the event that your claim gets denied or has already been denied, you may have to attend a hearing before an administrative law judge to make your case. The structure of these hearings is similar to a court case, except your only job is to prove the nature of your disability and how it limits your day-to-day life and ability to make a living.

The hearing can be a nerve-wracking experience for the average person, and nearly impossible depending on the complexities of your case. Having an experienced lawyer by your side lets you watch from the sidelines as they present all the evidence on your behalf and question witnesses in an effort to solidify your case.

Finding a Los Angeles Disability Attorney Is Easy

Now that you know it is better to get a lawyer for disability, the next step is finding the right one. The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour is here to help!

We’ve helped countless disabled individuals and their families in the Greater Los Angeles area through the application and appeals processes and we’re ready to help you, too. All you have to do is contact us today online or call 800-803-5090 for a free case review.