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Social security cards in front of social security application

Get Your Disability Claim Started Today by Calling Dr. Bill LaTour!

You’ve heard that California’s Social Security Disability benefits are supposed to help people facing injuries and disabilities just like yours, but you’re worried about getting your approval. You need the money to help cover your daily expenses, but are having difficulties with the paperwork and receiving the benefits you know you deserve.

Too often, people with disabilities are denied the benefits that should qualify for simply because of small paperwork errors, not enough evidence, or just by chance. When the system isn’t working for you, you need the help of someone who knows the system inside and out. Dr. Bill LaTour and his team of Social Security Disability lawyers can help!

Keep reading to learn more about how Dr. Bill LaTour can help you receive the benefits you deserve:

Speaker 1:
I know I deserve social security disability benefits, but when I applied, I got denied.

Speaker 2:
I need my money. How can I get it?

Dr. Bill LaTour:
I’m Dr. Bill LaTour. I’m both a psychologist and a lawyer. Call me and let’s get started so you can start getting paid.

Speaker 1:
I called Dr. Bill, now I’m approved and getting my checks.

Speaker 2:
Call Dr. Bill to get your disability checks. It’s what I did.

Dr. Bill LaTour:
Call me. I know what to do, to get you approved.

Speaker 4:
If you’ve been denied or need help applying for your social security disability benefits, call 1-800-803- 5090.

If you need your benefits, call Dr. Bill LaTour today to get started. Once our team gets started on your case, we work to make sure you get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible. Give us a call or fill out our form so we can start working to get you the benefits you deserve today!