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San Bernardino Valley

Colton, California, is located between the cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, and Redlands, in the middle of the Inland Empire. This San Bernardino County city has a population of more than 51,000 and is in one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.

Colton’s location at the intersection of Interstate 10 and the 215 freeway makes it a short drive to deserts, the scenic San Gorgonio Mountains and beaches.

Nicholas Porter Earp, father of the legendary Western lawmen Wyatt and Virgil Earp, brought his family to live in Colton in 1877. Virgil Earp was elected Colton’s first Marshal in 1887, and lived with his wife, Allie, in a house at 528 W. H. Street, which still stands today. Wyatt Earp applied to City Hall to operate a gambling hall in Colton, but was turned down. Nicholas was a Colton City Clerk and owned a saloon in town.

Social Security Disability Benefits

When you get hurt and you become disabled as a result, there are government programs at both the federal and state levels that are in place to help you. Which of these you can access depend largely on the kind of injury you suffer and where you suffer it. For example, if you suffer an injury on the job, workers’ compensation law is there to provide for your injuries and a portion of your lost wages.

Of course, Social Security disability is there to protect everyone who has suffered a permanent debilitating injury. The problem, however, is that the government is a bit overzealous in trying to stop fraud, which means a lot of innocent people are denied benefits that they not only deserve, but need. That’s why the Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour are here—Dr. LaTour is the Colton disability lawyer who is here to get you the compensation you deserve.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Dr. Bill LaTour J.D., Ph.D.

SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, is a federal program that works in conjunction with the state to provide financial support for people who are injured or become disabled to the point where they can no longer work. In order to receive SSDI, you have to be completely disabled for more than a full year.

The government has specific guidelines on what counts as a disability. If you can no longer do the work you did before, the Social Security Administration feels that you can’t adapt to a new kind of work, and your disability is expected to result in death or last for more than 12 months, you may be entitled to benefits.

Social Security Disability Denials

It may seem like these guidelines are fairly straightforward, but you need to understand that the government looks for any indication that you’re not disabled. A great many SSDI claims are denied right out of the gate. They claim that you can work a different job, even though you know you can’t, and in some cases even when your doctor has certified that you’re disabled.

It’s possible to fight these denials, but the process requires determination and more than a little knowledge. It can get complicated to navigate these laws, and you need someone who not only knows how Social Security works, but who can back up your case.

A Colton Disability Attorney Who Cares

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Bill LaTour is a Colton disability lawyer who also knows exactly how a disability can create mental and physical impairments that you cannot overcome. He also knows how to demonstrate that you suffer from these impairments, and can help you to overcome the stress and emotional trauma that goes along with fighting for the benefits you’re entitled to receive.

SSDI benefits are in place to provide important financial benefits. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have caused the government to worry about abuse of the system, and this leads to people who genuinely deserve their benefits getting their application denied.

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