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FAQ About Work / School

Common Questions

Q. Can I Work Part Time When I File a Claim or While My Case Is Pending?

A. We do not recommend that you do any work when applying for disability or while your case is pending. You must prove to Social Security that you are unable to do any work at all.

Q. Can I Go to School While I Am Applying?

A. Social Security will equate your school attendance with an ability to work. We do not recommend attending school.

Q. I Never Worked but and I Am Disabled. Can I Apply?

A. Yes. You may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income disability.

Q.What Happens If I Decide to Go Back to Work?

A. Your claim can be dismissed and you may be able to file again if you find that you cannot work. You may be eligible for a closed period of disability or a trial work period.

Q. Can I Close My Case If I Get Better?

A. Yes.

Q. Does My Doctor Have to Put Me off Work Before I Can File for Disability?

A. No. Although your doctor’s medical records must prove that you are, or have been, unable to work for at least a year.

Q. Can I Apply for Disability If I Stopped Working a Month Ago but I Am Not on Permanent Disability Yet?

A. “Permanent disability” is a Workers’ Compensation term. You can apply for Social Security Disability at any time when your impairments or disabilities prevent, or are expected to prevent, you from working for at least one year or longer. You do not have to wait for a permanent disability rating.