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FAQ About Applications

Common Questions

Q.Habla Español?

A. Sí

Q.Where Are You Located?

A. We have satellite offices located throughout California and our home office is located in Colton.

Q.Can I Get a Loan until My Claim Is Won?

A. No- it is against the standards and ethics of attorneys.

Q.I Have No Income and Nowhere to Live – Can I Get an Advance?

A. No – it is against the standards and ethics of attorneys.

Q.If I Mail My Application in How Will I Know If You Accepted My Claim?

A. We will notify you in writing as soon as we review your claim.

Q.Do You Think I Will Get Approved?

A. If we don’t think you have a good claim we will not accept you as a client.

Q.How Fast Can Your Office Get My Benefits?

A. The length of time to process your appeal varies on a case by case basis and is also determined by the stage of your case when you become our client. The number of cases being processed at the SSA also determines how long your case can take.

Q.What Can Your Office Do to Get Me My Benefits?

A. We can file your application, file your appeals, obtain and submit your medical records to the SSA, prepare you for hearing, and provide an experienced attorney to represent you at your hearing. We will apply our knowledge of the Social Security rules and regulations and issues of law to your case. We can even take your case to federal or appellate court if necessary.

Q.What Difference Does It Make by Retaining Your Services and Doing This on My Own?

A. Our attorneys and our Case Managers know all of the requirements of the entire Social Security disability application and appeals process and are very knowledgeable in preparing our clients’ cases for hearings.

Q.What Is Your Office Success Rate?

A. We don’t calculate an office success rate. Each claim is won or lost on its own merits and is based on the medical evidence provided by your treating sources as well as your own testimony.

Q.If I Go with Your Law Firm Can I Win My Case?

A. We cannot promise or guarantee that you will win your case. However, If we don’t think you have a good claim we will not accept you as a client.

Q.My Parent Supported Me and Died. And I Am 20. Can I Collect Their Social Security?

A. You may qualify as a Disabled Adult Child until age 22. We can review your case to see if you meet the criteria and have supporting medical evidence.