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Inland Empire Warehouse Employee Disabled After Injury


Warehouse workers are stacking goods onto the shelves

More and more news has been coming out about the hazardous conditions Amazon employees are forced to endure. Many people have ditched their Prime subscription in the name of employee safety, but with the holiday season in full swing, Amazon is as busy as ever, sending billions of gifts to front steps around the world every day. For consumers receiving the gifts they ordered for their loved ones, this is the most wonderful time of the year. For Amazon employees in southern California, this is the time they start looking for a Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer to help them file for workers’ compensation.

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The Cost of Speed

While everyone is scrambling to prepare for the holiday season, Candice Dixon can barely walk up her own stairs. Dixon had been working at the online consumer giant in California’s Inland Empire for two months, lifting nearly 100,000 items before her back was destroyed.

Warehouse Employee Disabled After Injury

An Amazon-approved doctor diagnosed her with a back sprain, bulging discs, joint inflammation, and chronic pain. Each ailment was determined to be a direct result of her job. Normal things like walking the dog, putting the dishes away, even getting out of a chair, are now daily challenges for Dixon.

“I’m still too young to feel like I’m 90 years old,” Dixon said

She can no longer do the work required of her at Amazon, so she lost her job. She told Reveal she has been struggling to find a new job, her workers’ compensation settlement is running out, and she’s worried she will lose her home.

Based on Dixon’s medical records, it is unlikely that her condition will improve.

Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of workers around the world. If Amazon employees don’t hit their target scan speed they are threatened with write-ups or termination, forcing workers to pick things up or grab things from a tall shelf, risking harm to their bodies. Many employees forgo proper safety precautions like getting another employee to help lift a heavy object, or using a stepladder to get something out of reach, in order to meet their scan speed quotas.

How Our Los Angeles Social Security Lawyer Can Help if You’ve Been Disabled

Disabled After Amazon Warehouse Work Injury

If you have suffered an injury like Candice Dixon and are now unable to work, you have options. Don’t rely on your insurance or your employer’s insurance to get you the money you need.

Insurance agencies make their money by getting injured victims to settle for less than they are due. Don’t let this happen to you.

Call The Law Offices of Bill Latour today and we will begin examining your case immediately. Our personal injury lawyers have been helping individuals suffering from various disabilities get the social security disability benefits they need to support themselves. We may be able to help you too.

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