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Social security cards in front of social security application

Need Help With Your Disability Claim? Call Dr. Bill LaTour!

Many people rely on Social Security Disability benefits to make ends meet. When you’re denied or having trouble receiving the financial support you need, it can be incredibly stressful. Dr. Bill’s combination of legal and medical knowledge gives him a unique perspective and understanding of what you’re going through. If you need a disability lawyer, put Dr. Bill LaTour’s unique advantage to work for you! Read the transcript below to learn more about what Dr. Bill can do for you.

Speaker 1:
I was denied social security disability benefits. I know I need help but I can’t afford a lawyer.

Speaker 2:
Call Dr. Bill, he doesn’t charge you one penny unless you get approved.

Dr. Bill LaTour:
Call me and let’s get started so you can start getting paid.

Speaker 1:
It didn’t cost me one penny up front to hire Dr. Bill. And now I’m getting my checks.

Dr. Bill LaTour:
I’m Dr. Bill LaTour, I’m both a psychologist and a lawyer. If you need social security, disability, or SSI benefits, call me. I know what to do to get you approved.

Speaker 4:
You don’t even have to leave your house.

If you’re struggling to apply or appeal for disability benefits, Dr. Bill LaTour is a name you can trust. We’ve been helping disabled individuals and their families through the legal process for years and are dedicated to fighting for what you deserve. Our team strongly believes that every person should have access to quality legal representation without having to worry about upfront fees and expensive hourly legal bills. That’s why our office works on a contingency-fee basis, so you never owe us anything unless we win for you! Contact us today for a free case review.