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Social security cards in front of social security application

Heather S.

As someone who suffers from a horrible disease and was unfairly denied social security although I am clearly unable to work I feel that I owe it to other people who are suffering the same plight to know how I was able to achieve peace and focus on my health.I approached the Law Office of Dr. Bill LaTour in June of 2015. I was assured that I have a case and a step by step plan was laid out for me. I knew exactly what to expect; there were no surprises. Social security can be very confusing but every time that I have had a question it has been answered immediately and patiently. Every employee has treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. In fact, I have had multiple conversations with Dr. LaTour himself. Currently I am able to focus solely on my doctor’s appointments and improving my quality of life while letting Dr. LaTour’s most competent staff navigate the social security process and keep me regularly updated. A huge burden has been lifted. I can not fight for myself due to my condition but they are willing to fight for me. I am very grateful and to anyone who is struggling, I am so sorry for your journey and I strongly recommend that you make contact with Dr. LaTour’s office.