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Severe migraines are one of the most debilitating ailments that a person will ever have to deal with. When dealing with migraines, it can be extremely difficult to live your life to the fullest capacity, including securing and maintaining meaningful work. Many people who suffer from severe migraines struggle to support themselves financially, leading these people to apply for social security disability benefits.

While you might not realize it, it’s entirely possible for you to receive disability benefits for your migraines, provided you meet the criteria. Here is some information about receiving disability benefits for severe migraines, and advice for hiring an attorney for help with your application.

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The Treatment and Diagnosis of Migraines

When you suspect that you’re suffering from migraines, the first thing you should do is to consult your physician. Unfortunately, migraines do not show up on typical tests like X-Rays or MRIs, and are mostly diagnosed based on symptoms alone.

The most common symptoms that indicate migraines include sensitivity to light and sound, tunnel vision, nausea and intense headaches. Many people who suffer from chronic migraines report seeing an aura around the corners of their vision when an episode is imminent.

Your doctor may also advise that you keep a journal of when your migraine occurs. A migraine journal is great to track the frequency of your episodes, severity of your symptoms and any possible triggers. This can also be an invaluable tool when describing your condition to Social Security.

Migraines and Social Security Listings

The primary way that Social Security determines disability is in their document known as the “Blue Book”. Regrettably, migraines are not listed in the Blue Book as a disabling condition. However, this does not necessarily mean that you won’t be able to receive disability for severe migraines.

For instance, modern medicine categorizes migraines as related to seizure conditions, which means you may be able to apply for disability under the epilepsy listing if your symptoms are severe enough. Generally, for your migraines to be considered for disability benefits, you will need to suffer two or more episodes a week while receiving treatment and your symptoms need to be severe enough to prevent you from functioning for extended periods of time.

Potential Benefits

For people seeking benefits for their migraines, the main path is through a medical-vocational allowance. With a medical-vocational allowance, Social Security will examine your functional capacity, your age, your history of working and your education to determine if you can receive benefits.

When looking at your functional capacity, Social Security will take into account factors such as if your migraines might cause you to miss more than two days of work a month, how much of your average work day is influenced by your migraines and if you have the ability to perform common work tasks on a consistent basis.

Ask a Lawyer about Disability for Severe Migraines

If you’re having trouble earning your disability for severe migraines, your best solution is to seek advice from the Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour.

We’ve been helping disabled individuals in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Inland Empire, and Orange County get the disability benefits they need for years. Call Dr. Bill LaTour and his team today at 800-803-5090  or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.