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Does My Dyslexia Make Me Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits in Los Angeles?


Does My Dyslexia Make Me Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits in Los Angeles?

Dyslexia is properly known as DRD or developmental reading disorder. It’s a kind of learning disability which affects a person’s ability to comprehend written words or numbers. It actually goes far beyond the cliché of seeing words backwards or mixing them up. It’s an innate difficulty with processing symbols in the brain. This reduces reading comprehension.

In severe cases, dyslexia can be devastating to your life, but it can be very difficult to make an argument that the nature of the illness has enough of an effect to merit disability benefits. Learn about whether you can get Social Security dyslexia disability benefits, the hurdles you’ll face, and how a social security disability lawyer can help with your case.

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The Problem with Dyslexia Disability Benefits

The problem most people with dyslexia face in trying to collect disability benefits is that, in general, the condition doesn’t completely impair someone to the degree that they cannot function in society. Many people with severe dyslexia are quite successful, including some notable historic and famous personalities including Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg.

Because of this, dyslexia is not included in the “Blue Book” maintained by the Social Security Administration for disabilities that automatically qualify for benefits. However, just this year the SSA did add a general overarching “learning disabilities” entry to the book, which may open up the door for arguments to get dyslexia disability.

The Argument for Benefits

In order to argue for dyslexia benefits, you’ll fall under neurodevelopmental disorders in the Blue Book, a section that covers a range of different conditions including ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome and dyscalculia (a form of dyslexia specifically related to numbers). The listing criteria are the same regardless of whether the person is a child or an adult; you must prove that the learning disorder creates significant difficulties in using or picking up academic skills.

Specifically, you have to show that the marked limitation affects at least two of these conditions:

  1. Ability to understand or use information
  2. Social interactions
  3. Concentration or keeping pace
  4. Adapting to new situations or managing yourself

What Is a Marked Limitation

The criteria requires that you show a “marked” limitation. This means that the limitation is beyond moderate in level, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme as to be crippling. This leaves a fairly broad area in which to argue, but Social Security still takes a harsh stance on dyslexia in terms of the limits it imposes.

Seeking Benefits

If you think your condition is serious enough to merit an application for dyslexia disability benefits, your best bet is to talk to someone who knows the field and knows how to make the right arguments. A Social Security disability lawyer has experience with all manner of claims, evaluations, and denials, and will be able to advise you on how to best proceed.

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