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FAQ About My Hearing

Common Questions

Q.The Alj Gave Me a Continuance Because I Did Not Have an Attorney. Can You Take My Case?

A. Possibly. We will set up a phone appointment as soon as possible to review your case.

Q.I Missed My Hearing and the Alj Sent an Osc or Dismissal. Can You Help?

A. Possibly. We need to review your case and the reasons you missed your hearing before we decide.

Q.I Have a Hearing next Week. Can You Go to the Hearing with Me?

A. We first need to determine if we have an attorney available at that time and date! We will certainly do our best to help you. We may ask you to request a postponement.

Q.Do I Need to Be Present at My Hearing?

A. Yes! The judge needs to see you and hear your answers to his or her questions.

Q.How Long Before I Get Scheduled for a Hearing?

A. It depends on the stage of your case. From the initial application it can take two years or even longer in many cases.

Q.Will You Request My Records?

A. Yes although we may need your help at times if your doctor doesn’t cooperate!

Q.How Long after the Hearing Will I Receive a Decision?

A. It depends on the judge. Some issue the decision within a few weeks, others may take longer. If the judge wants more evidence, or decides to send you to a consultative examination, the decision could take longer. Sometimes the judge will decide that a supplemental hearing is necessary.

Q. Can You Provide Transportation to My Hearing for Me?

A. We are unable to provide transportation but you can request County transportation from your County of residence.