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Steps To Take If Your Disability Application Has Been Denied


Steps To Take If Your Disability Application Has Been Denied

If you’ve applied for SSDI or SSI benefits from the government and your application comes back denied, we know how truly devastating and frustrating this can be. You might think that it’s the end of the road and wonder what you’re going to do now without the financial support you need.

While a denial can be incredibly disheartening, the truth is that you have options and it isn’t the end of the road! Continue reading to learn what happens when your application for disability benefits is denied and how an experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help.

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What If My Disability Benefits Were Denied?

If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. A whopping 70% of all applications for disability benefits are denied. In an effort to cut down on fraud, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is quick to judge in their investigations regarding who is and is not eligible for benefits.

If this has happened to you, the first thing you should know is that you DO have options. With the right guidance, you may still be able to receive benefits through the appeals process.

Is There a Time Limit to Appeal a Denied Claim?

Disability Application Has Been Denied

It’s important to keep in mind that there is a short window to file an appeal. After you receive a denial letter, you have only 60 days to file a Request for Reconsideration. If you miss this deadline, you may need to start the application process all over again, and this could work against you.

With denied claims, it’s always better to go through the appeals process rather than submit a new claim, as a new claim is likely to be denied for the same reason as the first and multiple denials hurt your chances of being approved for disability benefits.

What Can I Expect During the Appeals Process?

Appealing a denied disability claim can be intimidating and you may not know where to start. Many SSDI and SSI claims are denied for reasons that have simple solutions. For example, some applicants receive denials because they didn’t submit the proper forms or they didn’t provide enough medical evidence to prove the nature of their disabilities.

In these cases, you may need to simply supply the proper information in your appeal in order to start receiving benefits. However, it’s not always as simple as that.

There are many hurdles you may have to overcome during an appeal and coordinating with the SSA can be frustrating. You may have to go through several stages of the appeals process before you’re finally approved.

That’s why having an experienced Social Security disability lawyer who understands the system and what’s required for a successful claim on your side will be to your benefit.

Will I Need to Go to Court?

Go to court If Your Disability Application Has Been Denied

If you’ve been denied benefits, you may need to attend a hearing in front of an administrative law judge who will reconsider your application.

The good news is that over half of all SSD applicants that reach the hearing stage are eventually approved for benefits. At the hearing, the judge will hear testimony under oath and consider relevant evidence related to your condition and its impact on your daily life. However, it’s not quite as formal as what people believe when they think of a courtroom trial.

Medical records will be an essential part of your hearing and you will likely discuss your condition and the limitations it causes, your training and education, past work experience, and more. While this can be nerve-wracking for many, an attorney can speak on your behalf and prepare you for what to expect.

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If you’ve had your disability benefits denied and need help navigating the appeals process, please know that The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour is here for you!
We know how confusing this process can be and the challenges you’re likely facing. With the right legal representation on your side, you’ll have the best chance of turning a denial into an approval!

Dr. Bill LaTour has decades of experience helping disabled individuals and their families receive the benefits they need and deserve! A denied claim can be frustrating, but you don’t have to face it alone.

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